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Creative First Day of School Scrapbook Ideas

For most kids, the first day of school is exciting. While they might be a little sad that the summer has come to an end, they are also looking forward to seeing their friends once again. Creating a scrapbook is a great way to capture the memories that can be so fleeting during this stage of life! Here are some creative first day of school scrapbook ideas to help you get started.

Focus on the Outfit

Most likely, your child will be dressed up quite nicely for the first day of school. That outfit will either be one of their own choosing or one that you have picked out for the occasion. Whatever the case, you can use the outfit as the focal point of your first day of school scrapbook, picking colors and patterns to play off of the clothes. Assuming that you will prominently feature photos of your child, this is an easy plan that will help your scrapbook come together perfectly!

A Bus Theme

This one is a little obvious, perhaps, but it’s a classic. You can use the school bus as a theme for your scrapbook, since the school bus is closely linked with the experience of heading back to school. You’ll be able to play off the yellow paint that is synonymous with school buses, and you should have no trouble finding various scrapbook decorations that tie into this theme. This is an option which can work for pretty much any child, but it will carry extra meaning if your child happens to love the ride to and from school each day.

A Day in the Life

Since the focus of the scrapbook is the first day of school and everything that entails, you may want to walk through the day step by step. From breakfast on through to getting home at the end of the day, do your best to document what the day was like for your child. Of course, plenty of pictures would be a great help here, and you could incorporate any projects that your child may have completed while at school (drawings, painting, writing, etc.). Approaching a creative first day of school scrapbook from this angle may help you to best capture what your child likes and is interested in during this phase of life.

Keep It Friendly

Since one of the best things about going back to school is reconnecting with friends that your child may not have seen over the summer, you may wish to center your scrapbook on friendship. The key here would be photos of your child with some of their best friends at school. Of course, you don’t want the unique personality of your child to get lost in the shuffle, so make sure there is enough content focused on what he or she loves to do.

As an added bonus, including friends in this project may make it more meaningful to your child in the years to come, as there will be plenty of great memories tied up in those pages. Consider asking your child to take the scrapbook to school with them and have their friends write messages in it!

The Teachers

Teachers play a huge role in the development of a child. While the influence of a teacher is not the same as a parent, it is still likely that your child’s teachers will have a lot to do with how they develop. To pay homage to the teachers that seem to make a particularly strong impact on your child’s life, consider highlighting them in your scrapbook.

Making a point to include certain teachers will preserve memories that your child may enjoy revisiting in the future. School teachers should receive as much attention and respect as possible, so taking your scrapbook in this direction would be at least a small token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

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Thank you for taking the time to consider these creative first day of school scrapbook ideas! With any luck, you’ll have found at least one idea that might work for your situation. Of course, you are free to blend two or more of the ideas together or come up with something unique entirely on your own. The beauty of a scrapbook is that it is meant to be a personal keepsake. As long as you love it, that’s all that matters.

When you are ready to get started on your scrapbook project, For My Desk is the perfect place to pick up all of your scrapbooking supplies. We also have a wide range of affordable school supplies, which we have organized into convenient supply lists by grade. Take the time to find everything you need, and thank you for visiting!

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