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Printer Paper

Specialty papers like InkJet and LaserJet papers are designed specifically for use with that particular type of printer. Because InkJet printers basically spray ink onto the page, the paper used in these machines needs to have a surface that is more absorbent so that it holds the ink better without smudging before drying. Laser paper is designed to hold the toner laser printers release onto the paper while the internal heat element activates it and locks in onto the page. Both of these papers deliver superior results to using multi-purpose paper because of the unique ways that each deliver ink to the page. Photo paper is designed to hold much higher volumes of ink required to produce clear and crips photo reproductions. These papers also come in a traditional high gloss finish or a matte finish that tends to hold up to fingerprints better. If your photo printing needs require images that will be handled by people frequently then a thicker paper will be better and last longer.

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