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Cheap File Folders


If the work you do or the management of your home office produces a large volume of documents that need to be stored neatly and organized well, you need a source for cheap file folders because every little bit of savings makes a big difference over the long haul. Most of what businesses and people use in their homes or offices are top tab letter size file folders. This format fits nicely in standard file cabinets and hanging file folders. stocks both manila and colored versions of these workhorse file folders. Options for this file folder 1/3, 1/2, 1/5 or straight cut tabs, with or without fasteners. Legal sizes with these options are also available in manila and color versions. Folder thickness is also a consideration especially if you want to store a larger number of pages in a single file folder. We have folders ranging from 9.5 to 14 points thinner to thicker. Finally, tab position is also a consideration so if you want all your tab to be in the same position on the folder then buy a box with the tabs all in the center, left or right position. You can also purchase some boxes of file folders in this category than come with assorted tab positions.

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