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Cheap Permanent Markers


Permanent Markers can be an extremely useful tool for writing or marking with the confidence that what you have marked will stay put for some time to come. Many people use permanent markers as a way to label boxes, fill out name tags or even for arts & crafts purposes. Finding permanent markers that are good and cheap can be a little difficult but we have you covered here at 

The factor that separates good & cheap permanent markers from the rest is the ink used inside the marker. Most high-quality markers use a solvent in the ink that makes it waterproof and resists fading. So the key to finding a cheap and high-quality permanent marker is an ink that dries quickly, is waterproof and resists fading over time. stocks inexpensive permanent markers from well-known brand BIC including their BIC Retractable Permanent Marker as well as our private label Integra markers. Both manufacturers product the standard chisel tip and well as fine tip markers to handle just about any marking situation.

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