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Ultimate Guide to Desktop Sit Stand Converters


The days of sitting at a standard height desk as the only options for working are over and you have lots of options when it comes to adjusting the height of your work surface. Many office furniture manufacturers such as HON or Lorell are building complete office solutions that come with adjustable height work surfaces as part of the solution. However, if you are not ready to invest in a whole new desk there are options for converting your existing desk to a Sit/Stand work surface. These devices sit on top of your current desk or workspace and manually raise up or down which gives you the option to work sitting or standing. Within the “Sit/Stand Converter” segment there are also many different options that allow for the inclusion of single or multiple monitors for an example. Or, you can have a stand-alone monitor arm too. Below we will explore all the options for sitting or standing while you work.

Desktop Sit Stand Converters:

While variable height desk solutions are all the rage these days there may be legitimate reasons to consider converting your desktop to be adjustable for sit/stand. If you are not ready to say goodbye to your current desk, a Desktop Sit/Stand Converter is a viable option to accomplish this goal.

The most basic Sit/Stand Converters and simply a platform connected to a manual hydraulic cylinder that can move up and down to meet the height requirement you desire to work sitting or standing. Many of these type converters work like the hydraulic action of an adjustable chair and are controlled by a simple lever. The Victor DC 200 is a good example of this type of Desktop Sit/Stand Converter.

Victor DC 200

Moving to the next level of complexity is the Desktop Sit/Stand Work Station. The positive of a workstation type of solution is integrated cable management and that fact that most of them arrive at your office or home fully assembled. The Lotus Workstation by Fellows has two shelves at different levels for ideal placement of your monitor and your keyboard. Unlike the lever operated basic models these workstation configurations are easier to move into position and offer integrated cable management and a place to charge your electronic devices. Many of the Workstation type solutions pairs with monitor arm kits for attaching multiple monitors directly to the workstation device.

Lotus Workstation By Fellowes

If you require more than simple up and down motion to your sit/stand solution then a converter with an extended range would be a better option for you to consider. Desktop converters are now available that can not only move up and down but also move from side to side and from back to front similar to the range of motion for a monitor arm. The design of these type converters is very similar to an adjustable monitor arms with the addition of a platform for your keyboard and mouse pad. The Fellowes Extend™ Sit-Stand Featuring Humanscale® Technology line of converters features a 180-degree swivel motion and can, depending on the model, hold up to two monitors.

Fellows Extend Sit-Stand

If you are interested in finding out how you can convert your standard height desk into a desk that you sit and/or stand read the guide below then check out all the options we stock here.

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