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Our Story

Used to be a desk was for just “work” work. Now-a-days you use your desk for everything from spreadsheets to Pinterest projects. Lots of websites sell notebooks, pens, markers and inkjet refills.

We’re different. While “the other guys” are focused on selling you what they have, is all about giving you the opportunity to buy what you want. Its supplies for your desk with a personal touch.

As a matter of fact, we can help you find all the things you need to work at your desk…

Have a Pinterest project you can’t wait to try, we can help with those supplies.Is your printer out of ink? Our ink and toner personal assistant can help with that too. Teachers, we have all the supplies needed to instruct, inform and inspire. has everything you want in office supplies like paper, pens, or file folders. If you have “home” work we can help you with labels, markers, tack boards and all your organization needs. And if what you want is school supplies we have everything from Kraft paper to markers, notebooks, and glue. was designed from the ground up to be simple to use and give you the office, home and school products you want in a personalized way.

Don’t settle for what the others have, get the supplies you want at




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