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Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are widely used in the art world to create and in classrooms to teach art, drawing, and sketching. Generally, colored pencils differ from standard "lead" (or more accurately graphite) pencils in that they have a solid center that is made up of a combination either oil or wax and a varying amount of color pigment to produce the wide range of shades available in various colors. For the most part higher quality colored pencils have softer leads and a higher concentration of pigment. There is a wide range of colors, uses and quality levels including pencils produced for use by children in a school setting all the way up to and including professional artist level pencils used in the production of commercial and fine art. features colored pencils for children by Crayola and Dixion Prang. Pencils from Prismacolor and Staedtler use high-quality pigments for rich and bold colors.

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